Hello & Welcome.

My name is Facundo Talepp, I’m from Argentina and I’m a graphic designer.

10 years ago I started working under the name of adrenn and for me is more than a pseudonym, its a way of thinking. A way of seeing chaos as order and concepts as freedom. Every work and project that I direct or design needs to be new, fresh, edgy, challenging in a way. I’m always trying to look for the new trends and do something else, something with value and character, even if its not a branding project, each design deserves an identity.

In this website you can find a selection of my works, some really old and some new ones but I hope that you can see that for me are all still relevant to this day.

If you like my approach to design and want to work with me on a project send me a word. I’m always looking for new people to work with.

Have a nice day.


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